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Very low and non stable Hrates with last OS version


I don’t know why, but from this day after last OS version upgrade the H rate is very instable and low …

we can see before and after with this graph picture.

Best regards



not good… wat’s append… :’(

Maybe try and downgrade to see if it solves it? (see sticky in forum)

Thank’s Psyrire,

I just come back at home and stop my rig the power to reboot with a power down.

And now the h Rate is correct, my conclusion is if you do a remote reboot the video cards or the mother card, or the BUS… don’t reinitilize correctly…

I close my Issue with this action !!!

Best regards


My cpu usage pegs at 100% on the latest (39) version. downgrading solved this for me. according to top, sometimes its xorg and sometimes its nvidia-smi, or nvidia-settings using the whole of the cpu, bringing mining to a standstill.

Thank you for these details and informations!