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Very Inconsistent Hashrate

I recently added two new cards to my mining rig. I started by adding one to ensure that everything was function properly, the card worked fine and I let it run for 10-15 minutes to make sure it wouldn’t have any issues. I then put the other card in a different riser spot and gave it its own riser cable. Unplugged the first one and did the same thing. The issue comes as soon as I add the 5th graphics card, once I put the 5th one in I get extremely inconsistent hashrates and my FHR 3060 ti’s and 3080 only hit like 80-90% of their max (periodically). The 2 lhr cards that I have get around 20% of the total performance they should be getting (3080 ti gets 15mh/s, and 3060 ti gets 6mh/s). I’ve tested both of those card and they got fine hashrates, (aside from jumping around a little with LHR setting the miner lowering). These 2 cards never go much higher then the hashrates previously listed though. I have no idea how to fix this as I have already tried a few different combinations of cables and risers.

What clocks/miner/versions etc etc?

I’m Using T-Rex Latest Version (Along with 2 different random versions of it), all very stable overclocks, that are near stock.

Can you post a screenshot of your workers overview tab?

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