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Verthash Miner corrupts Worker display

Verthash miner mines on some of the selected GPUs, puts the rate in the wrong GPU display and eventually the interface crashes and verthash stops mining.

Running the latest HiveOS on my rigs.
I have 4 8gb GPUs that I mine Ethash and 4 2gb GPUs that I mine Vert/Doge. I have mined each type on separate HiveOS rigs just fine, but combining them has interesting side effects.
The GPUs are assigned from 0-7: 8gb, 2gb, 2gb, 2gb, 2gb, 8gb, 8gb, 8gb
I can select the 4 8gb GPUs in either phoenixminer and nbminer and mine just fine and the rates show up on the correct GPU and the worker display show the miner using only those 4.
When I use just verthashminer, selecting various numbers of 2gb GPUs, the worker display shows all GPUs selected.
The first GPU in the selection list does not start (I have reversed selection order to verify) and eventually times out and stops verthashminer. I can see the other selected GPUs running in the shell-in-a-box miner view and I can verify by GPU temp in the Hive worker view that the correct GPUs were selected by verthashminer. The hash rate displayed is always shifted to the GPU one to the left. After a while the worker view becomes disconnect from rig.
I get similar results when combining the miners in one flight sheet.
I suspect that if I can reorder the GPU locations in HiveOS the problem might go away, I don’t know how.

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I have the same problem. Two GPUS, two miners, the one with PhoenixMiner reports ok but the one with Verthashminer reports both cards used and no hashrate. It seems that the report script for the miner is wrong, maybe because my card is quite old and although is NVIDIA, the miner uses it through OpenCL and the stats script might be thinking is using an AMD card and not finding it in the rig.

Yes, I have some old GT730s 2gb that I can only run on verthashminer. Reordering was difficult and only moved the problem around. I have given up on using HiveOS for these and run them on an old windows box where the verthashminer works fine.