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Verification code

Good Morning,
Until recently I have been able to get the verification code to login to my account. It was being sent to my hotmail address. Now today any device I am trying to login from (even the app stopped working this morning after the update) but the code never comes. I joined the forum with my yahoo address as I noticed I wasnt getting the email to hotmail. Is anyone else having issues? Is there a support email to send to for assistance? I need to login and check my miners and ensure the temps arent crazy as I am not physically near them.

There apparently is an issue with hotmail email addresses, you can start a chat with hive support from the main website and switch to a gmail address and it will work as intended.

Or, you can email them at [email protected], but chat will be fastest.

Thank you so much for that. It has been fine until today or yesterday. I will chat and get my email changed.

This has been resolved via reaching out to support. Thank you Keaton. This can be closed.

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