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Ventus 3090 Memory OC

So I’ve literally been spending hours trying to get this card stable to the point where I thought there was actually something wrong with it. I usually run gaming trios so I expect there to be a difference in overclocking ability in The Ventus but this card has me stumped. If I push the memory past 1450 it crashes. The hash rate is freaky for that memory speed unless im missing something? I have one more Ventus 3090 and I take the memory up to 2100 to get 120MH, and my 3090 gaming trios will take 2600. Has anybody come across this before? Like I said, I started overclocking at -300 core and 1800 for mem and it would just crash instantly. Luckily I tried all extremes and made this discovery. What are your thoughts?

I use trex miner. Eth algo. I get 121mhs on my ventus 3090 with this settings. -300 / 2200 / 300PL with no problem.

Hey bro thanks my other Ventus 3090 gets 120 megahash no probs on similar settings to what you mentioned but the other card crashes anything past 1400mem and makes 116MH at 1400 which seems insane

Solved, one card was an OC version the other wasn’t and didn’t like boosting as high as the other. Hopefully this helps somebody else.

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