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Vega64 ether problem


I have a problem with 2 Vega64 rig. While it was mining XMR it did without any problems (1400/1100/950mV). Now I switched to ETH (claymore 15)and can’t get them to accept any OC. As soon as I try to configure any OC (cpu, mem, voltage) Vega’s stop to mine or go down to 7MH/s. Without any OC they mine 38MH/s but with 680W!

Any idea, any help…

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Let me answer myself. Problem fixed with [email protected] version and phoenixminer. Two Vega’s are mining 44.3MHs each at C1200/V950/M1100 and 470W total from wall.


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Try - for me the best drivers for Vega.

49mh, 180w from wall :slight_smile:

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Could You please share Your config. Thanks…

amdmemtweak with the correct settings, and OC around 1168/1050-1100/720

Wow! With “–RAS 28 --RCDRD 12 --RCDWR 5 --RC 44 --RP 12 --RRDS 3 --RRDL 3 --REF 15600 --RFC 248 --FAW 14” I am getting 50.7MHs. Still on 1200/950/1100. I will play later with voltage.

:slight_smile: good job :wink:

same issue. what version of hive should i use (download link please) and how do you set amdmemtweak settings (can you provide step by step please)?

Hello, can you share your OC to me? thanks


where can u write in the timings in hiveos/phoenix?

Hello ,

Can You help me and give me the procédure to flash my Vega 64 gigabyte GAMING OC 8GB to Vega 56 bios please ?

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I got the same card as you
However I could not find a vaild Vega56 vbios to flash with.
Did you find it finally?

Yes i’d downloaded the file from techpowerup bios download section

and force the install of the bios directly in Hiveos overclking → flash bios section and forced the flash , and now i s working well.

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