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Vega56 & Rx580 very high watt 185 and 149

Hello everyone. I am new to mining. I have two AMD cards, one Vega 56 and one rx 580. My problem is the following my vega card is almost at 185 watt and my rx 580 is 70 degree the fan is running at 80% and especially at 150 watt. Do you think that the cards are defective or is it possible that the problem comes from elsewhere.

Post your OC settings

Thanks for your help

Dpm states doesnt work. Remove them and put core voltages. For the rx 580 put 850 860 core voltage. For the vega search for better Oc settings.

my overclock setting are based on this guide

Hello friends
Unfortunately, my graphics card has software problems and it is probably from the graphics card BIOS
Vega 56 xfx graphic cut model is Hynix chip, if anyone has a BIOS of this card model that I sent in the picture, thank you, I need it

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