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Vega cards stopped working with latest image


I updated to the latest HiveOs image and my Vega cards had permission errors and caused the system to restart in a loop. The version is 5.15.0-hiveos #96 with AMD drivers A21.50.2 (5.18.2301). My other AMD cards work fine: 570, 580, 5700, and 5700xt with this latest image.

I have reverted the one rig back to the previous version that works, the version prior to the latest release.

Any try of amd-ocl-install 21.40 ?

5.10.0-hiveos #110

A21.40.1 (5.13.2208)

That is the previous HiveOS image working fine with the Vega cards.

I mean, you can go for latest hiveOS image with previous drivers
amd-ocl-install will install 21.40 on 5.15.0

amd-ocl-install 21.40

This way you will focus either driver or image is in cause
You can also try 22.10 or 22.20 by this way (less stable may be)

You can also try installing ROCm instead of AMDGPU Pro, they seem to perform better with Vega (the only one case)