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Vega 64 Ultimate Guide 56-55 Mhash 130W

Hello Hivers so i’m gonna share my Vega 64 guide to allow people who have no idea for the best OC and safe practices when flashing and how to unbrick your card in case something goes wrong.

(So these are my vegas hashing to maximum I can get without invalids)

These are Vega 64 flashed with vega 56 Bios.

amdmemtweak --CL 21 --RAS 20 --RCDRD 17 --RCDWR 12 --RC 37 --RP 11 --RRDS 3 --RRDL 6 --RTP 5 --FAW 12 --CWL 8 --WTRS 4 --WTRL 9 --WR 14 --REF 65535 --RFC 248

Core: 1075
Volt: 830 (for Asus Strix do 870-860) as these cards will cause your rig to shutdown if not enough
power is given) 830-840 is where you want to be unless it’s a Strix Asus Card.
Memory: 1060 is your aim. But if you get invalids. Lower it to 1050.

Flashing Bios (The Magic Part):
Don’t run these straps and OC if you’re not gonna flash them with Vega 56 Bios.
BIOS Link:
Vega 56 Bios

Find your Bios with exact Device Id and Subsytem. You can check your card’s ID with the use of:

NOTE: Download only the same ID specified with Wattage between 220-260W.
NEVER Use the bios with 160W or 180W as it will cause your GPU to be undetected and you have to re-flash it again.

If you flashed it and it goes undetected. Don’t panic. Remove the other PCI-e connector and have the bricked card that goes undetected the only card in your system. Insert your monitor to your motherboard DVI-VGA-HDMI connector. On boot press DEL or F2.
Go to BIOS:

  1. Open the BIOS menu. …
  2. Select the “Advanced” tab using the left/right arrow keys.
  3. Select the “Video Configuration” option using the “Up/Down” arrow keys. …
  4. Select the “CPU Graphics or IGD" option and press “Enter.”
  5. Press “F10” to save the new settings.

Re-flashing Instructions in case it goes undetected: Highly unlikely but I’m gonna post it here to save you the trouble looking for solutions in case it happens.

NOTE: You have to switch the card’s secondary BIOS Switch located near the gpu where you connect it to your monitors HDMI, VGA.
Switch it towards the left where you hook your monitor cable.

Once boot in HIVE OS it will detect your GPU. Re-flash it with other vega 56 Bios as you might have used the one with low wattage bios (160-190W). Only use the one with 220-260W.

Before Flashing Save your Vega 64 Bios In case of failure or when you want to go back to vega 64.

Rename your downloaded BIOS 64 to your liking to be able to identify it for future use.

Be aware of your device number from HiveOS and be sure that it’s the card you’re flashing.
Bios ID
You can see its name under the GPU.

Match this when you’re about to flash your BIOS.

  1. Flash VBIOS
  2. Turn it to green Force Flashing
  3. Check the device ID under HiveOS to make sure it’s the card you’re flashing.
  4. Browse from your saved vega 56 BIOSes.
  5. Upload the Vega 56 Bios.

Wait for 20-30secs. It will note a message BIOS uploaded or Ok. Reboot.
Go and reboot and do other remaining cards.

Once all your card’s are flashed Use the Straps and OC above.
If in any case you’re getting lots of invalids. 10-20 Invalid shares.
Use non-aggressive straps instead below:

amdmemtweak --CL 20 --RC 37 --RP 11 --WR 14 --CWL 8 --FAW 12 --RAS 20 --REF 65535 --RFC 248 --RTP 5 --RRDL 6 --RRDS 3 --WTRL 9 --WTRS 4 --RCDRD 17 --RCDWR 12

Core: 1075
Voltage: 840
Memory: 1028

This will give you 54.40 or somewhere 54 mhash.

Fans: I always keep my fans above 50-60% and maintain my temps below 65.
55-60 is where you want to be.

Will overcloking damage my GPU?
As far as my research go. No.
If your overclocks are too much it will just cause instability and will reboot your system.
The only concern you have is your GPU Temperature and faulty wiring.
Never use Cables that didn’t come with your PSU.
Never mix them.
Never use SATA to 6/8pin.
or Molex to 6/8pin to power your gpu.
Unless its the risers you’re powering.

Don’t go cheap on your PSU.
I only use Gold or Platinum standard.

Happy Hashing.


dude… i am unable to flash my VEGA 64 TO 56 Because i cannot find 220 W 56 bios. Please help me in finding a correct 56 bios for my card.

Can you tell me which vega 64 you have? model and brand

Device id
and Substystem ID

Use GPU-Z and post a screen shot

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the packing say it is Sapphire but its subsystem id shows it is AMD

use this vega 56 bios.
i have 2 of these cards and flashed them.

my bad, i didn’t noticed the wattage on these as there are no available bios with higher wattage.

let me know if you encounter problems.

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i am online i am trying now. where should i try to flash ? in windows or HiveOS ? with “force flashing” ?

=== Flashing card 0 ===
AMDVBFLASH version 4.71, Copyright © 2020 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Old SSID: 0B36
New SSID: 0B36
Old P/N: 113-D0500100-103
New P/N: 113-D0500300-102
P/N mismatched


i used hiveos and it gave me no errors. don’t know with windows. Guess it has certificate and security checks before it forces a bios.

Thanks mate. My GPU is flashed now with Vega 54 but its not mining with your OC settings. if i put everything default it start mining with 32 Hashrate

I have Copied excatly as you said. I have now VEGA 54 Bios on my card.
The mining is not working on this card now.
But minig on rest of the cards work peoperly.

i had no luck with mixing nvidia and amd cards. I tried all miners that supports both amd and nvidia. Idk if its my bios or my hiveos.

Try just doing the vega card if it works with the settings. I gave up searching for a solution and just got another motherboard for my 2 nvidia cards.

mine won’t even mine with no overclocks. I tried mixing 1070s and vega 64s. Only the nvidia mines on phoenixminer like yours.

Fantastic guide!
Can you help me, please?
I have a Gygabite Radeon™ RX VEGA 64 GAMING OC 8G. Can i flash a vega 56 bios into it?
What bios should i use?
(Gpu-z screen of my card)

try this one

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I will try that tomorrow. Thanks man!
There is a F6 version at techpowerup, but it’s 210w.
Is it too low? They say it’s more stable(for vegas 56 however)

Plz help!!

have a Sapphire nitro+ vega 64 Samsung HBM2

so how can i show my device ID on hive os?
or ist it the: 113-D0500110-S01?

i find 2 bios

240w or 220w

I’d go for the second one. It’s newer. 003 vs 001
Save your bios and be prepare in case of brick anyways

I’m a newbie on this… And i have a doubt…
I have a sapphire vega 64 nitro+
When I switch the to the card’s secondary Bios nothing happens…
A blank screen and even the keyboard doesn’t work…
Even in windows nothing…
The secondary bios is bricked? Or doesn’t have…

is this stock bios 64 or you flashed it to bios 56?