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Vega 64 ERGO - Best optimisation?


I’m new to mining Ergo and Hive OS in general, coming from NiceHash.

I am trying to get the most out of my Vega64. Currently the sweet spot on price / heat vs reward is the below, averaging about 105 MH/s and costing me around £0.48 per day.

Is there a way to get more out of this card without silly costs? At one point I was around £0.96 per day but only getting 150 - 160MH/s. I’d like to try and get near those figures without the extra price.

Here’s my current OC.


try core 1225, mem 960. If that improves efficiency, try core 1275

Hey, thanks for that.

It looks like it does drop the efficency down, however the GPU then shows as offline. Not enough power maybe?

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