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Vega 64-56 unknown gpu and menory issue


I have a sapphire nitro vega 64 flashed to 56 bios in my rig and its worked almost 20 days. One day I decided to add another card asus strix vega 64 flashed to 56, when I turn on the rig Hiveos could recognized the cards except my sapphire nitro.

Gpu fans everything working but when I wanted to check the card in windows the gpu fans it stopped working.

Things I’ve tried:

  • reset bios, switch back to original bios
  • change cables
  • change pcie slots
  • run it on windows(at this time device mngr couldnt identified)
    -put it back to hive os fans are not spining anymore led keeps lightig

-BTC-T37 motherboard
-500w evga + 1400w hp psu

if its not recognized in 2 systems with no other common variables id say the gpu is probably dead

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