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Vega 56, GPU do not post (*issue resolved*)

Rig: mobo: asus B250 mining, cards: Vega 56 from powercolour (x7) and x1 Sapphire v-56
running HiveOs Vega distro.

One card stopped hash , seems to not recognize the memory now (see pictures).

  • Tried to downgrade OS from 0.6-29 back to 0.6-26 without any positive effect.
  • No problems with risers, everything is “green” on ASUS bootup.

OK, I have now fixed the problem, which was a bad configuration on my part. I didn´t deleted the post because it might help someone in the future…

The bad configuration on my part is that I didnt restart the 2:de PSU (powering 5 of the cards) before I started the 1:st PSU that is powering the Mobo/cpu and the 3 cards.

Now when I am doing everything in the right sequence, everything is working fine! :slight_smile: