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Vega 56 Dynex settings

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has got some Vega cards running on Dynex. I gave it a try for a day but had to give up as SRBminer would trip and crash, due to what seems like a memory error. (Samsung)
I started tuning with the same memory settings that I used for ethash and upped to core clock to 1300mhz, crash. Loosened the timings and mem oc, crash. Dropped the memory from 1000 → 900 → 800 → 700mhz also tried dropping amdmemtweak completetly, crash.

So does anyone have any settings I could try to avoid getting constant crashes? I would prefer not dropping mem oc completely as it seems affect the hashrate quite a bit.

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Some vega cards have know memory issues. Could be failing.

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Have you tried without memory settings?

never tried mine with memory timings as i have forgotten them by now lol but mine work fine without timings

Try the following, thats what i have, you can refine it from there on out.

Core: 1350
Core Voltage: 900
Memory clock: 730
No timings

you can bump up the mem to 750 if you want or start dropping voltage for power savings bit it is difficult to check for crashes as srb does not show you which specific gpu died unless you sit and look at the miner log page all day ofcourse

These baseline settings i gave you are pretty solid though and should work on most vegas with samsung and hynix memory

you will be suprized at how good the vega is on dynex, a bit better that 5700xt for slightly more power


I have a Gigabyte Vega 56 Gaming OC, which acknowledged to be the worst power consumption. My best effort on this card is getting efficiency ±41 h/w (2.790 kh/w at 68 watt), using this settings:

  • core 855
  • vdd 756
  • vddci 780
  • mc 550
  • mvdd 1125

If you have other brands, it might be more efficient than mine with these settings.

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