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Vega 56 card shuts of everything

Hello guys!

i am having trouble with a vega 56 card. whenever i try starting this when everything starts to load everything and the fan speeds up then the card shuts everything off, cant turn it on again exept i take power out and connect it again, i tried to put overclocking everywhere, but if i put to high it comes on and says GPU dead, if i put in the right spot then it turns off all the mining rigg and wont come on again

you guys can help figure what is the problem??

Unset your flight sheet so the rigs doesnt start mining
run amd-info from the hive shell or from the web gui (run command button >_ at top)

  • have a gander at the results, see if your card has perhaps a memory problem

if it hangs running the command - you have a memory problem

I’ve had a vega 64 go through boot, show in hive - as soon as I threw work at it - it reset the rig, turned out to be knackered memory

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Thx m8 i checked it out and it must knackered like you tried :frowning: so a brick to the garbage

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