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Vega 56 anormal high wattage

Hello I just got a used Gigabyte Vega 56 Gaming OC and compared to mny other reference car it take alot of current and I cna get it to go lower than 164W do you have any input to have it more arround like my other reference card ???

I’m having the same issue and guess it must be a Gigabyte thing.
All with practically the same tunings, my Asus, MSI & AMD/ATI Vega’s are all running around 115W, whilst the Gigabyte one sits at 150W.
I am getting another Gigabyte one in the near future and hope I can get that one lower; will report once it’s installed and tuned.

Off topic: I like your hash rates though :slight_smile: I didn’t finetune mine up to those levels yet; hovering around 42-43 for all; I guess I need to dive into the timings next.
May I ask you which timings you have set?
I see you have all Samsungs; I have some Hynix too which probably need different timings.
I assume you’ve set those in the to boot with gui ?

EDIT: did some timings now and also achieving around 48MH/s now :grin:

Like mentioned, I received another Gigabyte Vega 56 Gaming OC and have it up and running now. Same issues with high wattage, like 1.5x higher than other Vega’s.
The first one now runs at 160W (got a little higher after amdmemtweaks) and that second one even at 180W!
I’ve tried different bosses on them (F5 & F6) but to no avail (carefully here as they have no backup bios switch).
I’m receiving another one next week but expect the same. They were cheap after all, and now we’re finding out why. They’re garbage and still overpriced on 2nd hand markets as those sellers and other buyers don’t know this… They should be 25% cheaper than other Vega 56’s.

And number 3 arrived now with the same pathetic results; 1.5 times the power draw compared to other Vega 56…

Hi! could you improve this? I’m in the same situation. tnx

No, unfortunately not.

@oni hi, how are you? can you share straps and oc on gigabyte vega 56 with samsung memory? thks!

Unfortunately mine are all Hynix, so totally different OC and straps which won’t work on your Samsungs.

Unfortunately I have not managed to apply any strap. Every time I have tried, the miner freezes.

Yes, regrettably, the same thing happens to me. Thanks also

ahhh ok, these samsung memories suck. thanks

No they don’t, they only seem to suck if they are in Gigabyte :wink:

@oni Do you think that if I put another BIOS from another manufacturer, it would work?

No idea, haven’t flashed my Gigabytes as they’re Hynix. They also don’t have a backup bios like other Vega’s, so be careful, as when flashing goes wrong, it’s game over.

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