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Vega 56 and Vega 64 guide

it seems it’s gonna die…
I suggest a deep clean or even a reflow

have you ever opened it in this year?

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Hi, I would try a couple things first. 1- Power down and unplug ac power to the rig from the wall check all connections then restart everything. 2-Update Hiveos to latest version. 3- Refresh bios to card. 4- Reduce core to 1100. Report back. Alan

I had something sorta like. Opened, cleaned & repasted the GPU and changed the riser and all USB and power wires. Yes, in stead of troubleshooting I changed everything. Lazy me, but it worked, and probably faster than troubleshooting :sweat_smile:. Back at 55ish :wink:
PS: core can be lowered to around 1050 and vdd too to save some watt’s.


Thanks for tips.
I changed risers, cables, reflashed bios and no sucess.
I’ll try to open the card, clean and repast. Let you know if work again.

Take out all the over clocks and run it blank. Restart/power cycle your rig.

Hello dear friends
Unfortunately, my xfx vega 56 card had a problem and it is not known if it was mining before the update.
Now, according to the photo you see, there is no reaction
But the card works and gives an image
Could there be a problem with the BIOS?
Thank you for your help
If you have a BIOS of this model and send it to me, thank you

Hi. What is your Amdmemtweak settings ?
I have an Asus Vega 56 “Hynix” on my rig, I just mine to 50Mh + 900Mh to

TRM has introduced R-mode. For Vega’s it could shave off a few Watts or give a small hashrate boost:

Although right now I’m having issues upgrading my testrig:

But once that is resolved I’m gonna try and run the public beta :star_struck:

Any experiences may be shared here!

Have fun!

Got my test rig running in R mode; no noticeable benefits till now; set core -200 like in their manual and getting VDD down bit by bit now, got wattage to approximately the same; need more fine-tuning.
I had a few rig hangs which needed a hard power cycle though :roll_eyes:.
However, my test rig doesn’t have the most stable Vega’s to start with; that’s why they’re on the test rig :crazy_face: 2x MSI Airboost 56 Hynix and 1x Gigabyte Gaming OC 64 > 56. These make testing and fine-tuning a pain in the *ss :sweat_smile:


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I’ve put my test rig back on B mode for now. Too many rig hangs and not enough time for the time being to dive into it deeper. Will try again later. Probably with one of the other stable rigs then.

You have a YT guide how to do it here :

The thing with Vegas is that you can go below 800mV but it becomes unstable with R mode when the memory clock is above 960. So you can try doing something like 900 Mhz core clock, 781mV, 960 mem clock and see if it works. It is not for the maximum hashrate, but the efficiency should be really good!