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Vega 56 and radeon in one rig


i understand that the hashrate dropson the 56, if c mode ist enabled for the vii.
i added

amdgpu.vm_block_size=10 amdgpu.vm_size=1024

worked and getting 96mh/s on the VII the vegas 56 losses i bit.
my question is
the led on the veg cards are not fully loaded. Is that correct? Or is that the sideline of the "c mode tuning "?
I have to drope 5 to 10 mhz on the mem on most of the 56 , atherwise i will get dead gpu in the trm.
I’m just not sure if this all is a byproduct of the c mode or is there anything wrong in my system that i can fit.


I think you would get better results running the VII in Cmode and Vega in Bmode, but you can do both!

If the Vega is GPU 0 nd VII is GPU 1 change your extra config arguments on the flight sheet to:


Or if you have the VII as GPU 0 and Vega as GPU 1 do:


Then restart the miner and when it tunes the cards you will see the VII tunes in C mode and the Vega tunes in B mode.

the 56 are in a mode

hmm that’s strange, I just noticed when I pasted that eth config in my last comment it only had “-” not “- -” (make sure there are two dashes at the beginning). It may have not applied and set them all to their default modes.

See if this fixes that for you:
where “dash” = -


i will try it
a picture with my setting in windows without the vii.
i just wondering that now the led from the Vega’s 56 “GPU Tech” not fully loaded

it’s the same in b mode, cant get the timings or mhz on mem higher,
have to cut down rcdrd from 12 to 15 and 5mhz on mem clock, otherwise to gpu will go dead.

i thought i will lose 1 or 2 mh/s but its 3 to4 on 3 gpus.

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