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Valid shares suddenly drop

Hey guys, since september 20~21 i noticed my valid shares drop a lot, from 400 to 100, no change on my setup, all works like in the past.

any tip please?

I had the same thing happen on TRM. My shares dropped 1/3 out of nowhere yesterday afternoon. Maybe its a vardiff adjustment, but the drop seems pretty extreme…

Same thing with me, Eth reward from mining have also gone down an average 15% also.

Yea I posted about this and no response from anyone. I hope it dont stay this way, if so going to see alot of miners up for sale soon lol.

The same thing with AMD and NVIDIA, all shares droped down. The only gess - 21/09 Ethereum Network Difficulty has raised to historical maximum, hence pool sets the vardiff to the higher values to the miners. Higher vardiff - less shares. From the other hand, more difficult shares solved - the miner gets more eth per each share, so payments remain almoust the same. Am i heading in right way?

A bit more complicated than that…

Difficulty as posted lately is globally high decreasing “shares” earned:

Vardiff is a HiveOn implementation to distribute pool workloads across miners of varying capacities and weighing the rewards for the output on difficulty:

I contacted support with the same issue.

Support said Vardiff is down while they work on it.
Contacted again today about 2 hours ago and same thing. They said it should be back up soon.

When I asked if there was a way to check the status of the Vardiff they said they would let us know via an announcement.

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thanks aharrison, good to know.

diff is super high right now. Im mining with 3 rtx 3070 and have to wait a month for 0.1 payment. Its gonna be even more soon, and pools settings wont change that.

Same problem, however, the difficulty does not seem to have doubled in the meantime …

I hope the answer given to ‘aharrison’ by the support explains all this and that everything will be back to normal quickly because for me it started right after the last update of my rigs …

Thanks aharrison.

I contacted support again today this is the conversation…

I’ll try again tomorrow


i can’t support hiveon on this process, when i hit 0.1 i’ll move to ethermine, thanks you guys, and keep your eyes open, on this field any percent make difference.


Your advise to pay attention to all the details and their impact on the individual situation is very sound. Sometimes, there are factors in the final profit calculation for some which do not apply to everyones situation.

Wishing you best returns on your mining.

Yea this is crazy, so its Hiveon Pool issue? I was at $40+ a day im at 50% of that now since this happened.
If changing pools will fix this, I will be doing the same soon as I hit my payout in 3 days.

Updated Hive OS yesterday and shares dropped even more right after it! Wtf Hive…

Yeah I have also dropped 500 shares per day.

on a 1 card rig this seriously hurts.

Had a chat with them, they refuse to allow inactive accounts to be paid out completely and will announce when they can be ar**d to turn on vardiff.

(Basically they will do what they want and we have to suck it up)

Ok so I checked again with support. Here is a link to their announcements as well.


Sorry but im new to mining and what I see is my daily profit has been tremendously effected, how are they saying it does not change?
I was at 33.00 +/- per 24 hours, I am at 20.00 +/- now.
MH has not changed, just my pay, so how does this change not effect my return?

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I have been using ethermine as my pool provider and I get .1 eth in 19 days for 271.6 MH/s. The lower payouts might have to do with the variability of payouts and the fact they are subsidizing gas fees still.

hmm im at .086 after 7 days on Hiveon with 400mh but it kinda died after the September 22nd cut.
think im gonna switch pools soon as I can cashout