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Valid shares change

Hey everyone I was getting about 8000 Valid shares per 24 hours but after update on 14th August I started getting about 9200 valid shares but suddenly now I am getting only 8000 valid shares again with T-Rex miner… and now I do now know if it was only bug or maybe last update caused it, but I updated my miner with newest version of release 2 days ago and was getting still 9200 and now suddenly after 2 days it has changed to 800 so I am confused rn…

btw invalids and stale shares are same… stale about 0,7%-1,5% and invalid almost everytime 0.
I am thinking of downgrading but not really sure if it helps because it was going day or two with 9200 valids after upgrade…

Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

dude it’s luck

So it depends on pool luck hmm … okay but it was really weird because I realized that valid shares have dropped after 24 hours of miner new update so I thought this was the cause of it.

Okay thank you for your response.

My shares also dropped without changing anything. Seems to be that hive changed the difficulty of the pool.

Discord post related to topic:
TíasJørnesson — Yesterday at 10:52 AM
Hiveon uses vardiff — which we have been tweaking and tuning the last few days. Vardiff window has been fine-tuned, so it’s normal if you see a decrease in shares.

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