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V 0.5-55 and 0.5-56 is consuming badly more than 0.5-54

Hi !

i was consumming 1463 W (wall) with my optimazed rig (10 * AMD-RX580) under 0.5-54 then with the upgrade the wall consumption increase up to 1650W under 0.5-55 !

Also, the cards were consuming around 95 W each (sensor) and before it was around 80 W.

With the 0.5-56 and a reboot … It’s still the same !


What happens ? Am i alone in this case ?

PS : During the same working station, i tried dual mining and also with a second miner, AND i upgraded from 54 to 55. When i saw the power issue, i returned to the precedent miner (no dual, no second miner) but i’m still under v0.5-55. The power consumption is still increased. I downgrade to see if it’s really the new version wich is responsible, and i confirm, under v54 everything is alright !

PPS : I changed nothing to the OC params …

0.5-56 is undervolting fine for me. Did you turn on “Aggressive undervolting” in AMD OC?

No, should i ?

Well, if you want this newly introduced undervolting technique to kick-in - yes :slight_smile:

As say @givo you should activate Aggressive mode under AMD OC dialog.
Many users has different badly optimized BIOS for this mode and it works with some issue so devteam introduce this mode as option (come with v55 and fixed in latest v56)

I need to change something in my OC parameters or do i just activate it ?

I reinstall v56, and activate the Agressive Mode without changing something. Well, my low power consumption is back. It seems i was already well optimized.
Thanks !