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Utter noob

Hi there, I’m hoping that you guys on here will be a lot more knowledgable than me.

So o decided to build a 6 GPU rig, 6 x 3060ti, ASUS Prime Z490-P

I watched a setup video and it said to enable 4G in the bios settings, issue is that my bios is 1602 and the option has gone.

When I bolt up Hive OS , after it does it’s thing the screen goes black…

It shows up in the Web GUI but when I try to launch the rig into Flight it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Ive only added 1 card, no pony in adding all 6 if I can’t get one working properly.

Basically have they updated the bios on that motherboard to basically unable 4+ cards and make it Uber difficult to mine with?

I did consider installing windows instead but I can’t even format the SSD with hive on it now.

Anyway, thanks in advance. Go easy on me I haven’t built a computer in bloody years!

If you see it in web ui it runs. There is a console there you can remotely enter in the rig and see in the console what happens. Are you sure you configured the flightsheet properly?

Ive just rest everything and I am going back to the beginning.

I think I got the flight sheet correctly, can’t be 100% sure though as it’s the first time.

Thanks for the response though

Where can I find the console?

Its shell something. When you select the worker some icons appear with options and you select fromel one of the options start shell. Then it sends the command and after ready you can click on the sent command to open the console window

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