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Using single power cable for 2 GPUs: is it safe?

I have 3 1660’s (2 Super, 1 Ti), and I need to power them using a PSU that only has 2 available PCIe slots. Yesterday I tried to plug 2 cards to one PCI power cable (the TDP for these cards is set to 125W, so even at full power they would only get close to 80% of 300W coming out of the PCI cable). However, once I tried this, nothing really happened, but the rig was not even POSTing anymore. After unplugging everything trying to isolate the issue, I resolved things with a different motherboard I had around. My question then is: should I try that again, or the motherboard got fried because of that? Is there anyway I can power 2 cards isung a single cable? I should mention that a) risers were powered with molex cables, and b) the PSU is 650W, so there’s plenty of watts for these 3 cards only).


300w on a single 8 pin isn’t a great idea. I try to stay under 200w personally.

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