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Using HiveOS to mine on personal computer?


I am brand new to mining on HiveOS but familiar with mining in general. I was looking at eventually setting up quite a few rigs over time and figured Hive would be good for me as I want it to be as simple and easy to run as possible. It seems simple enough to set up with an actual individual rig but I was wondering if I can use it on my personal computer to help me get acquainted with it before I start shelling out? I tried setting it up as you would with any other rig but kept running in to problems everywhere, I just realized that I might not be able to use it on a non designated machine. Am I able to run it on my primary use computer? If so are there any tutorials to help me set it up?

Thank you -Perry

I use a USB stick (32GB) with HiveOS for testing on my personal PC, to test different commands before deploying those commands to my remote rigs, which I don’t want to bomb them and can’t get to them physically to restart some how.

If you want to get back into windows, simply take the USB drive out, and restart and it will boot back into windows (DO NOT USE THE HIVE FLASHER TOOL, I accidentally flashed my OS drive which had some personal info on it and I could not recover it)

Just simply flash the HiveOS image into USB, do not use the HiveOS flasher tool.

Then change the rig.conf settings for your HiveOS farm hash, ID, and password for the worker. Super easy

Awesome, thank you. I will give it a shot this weekend. Do I need to disconnect my SSD and then leave the thumb drive plugged in?

A PC has a different with rigs?)
Should new worker, imho.

By personal PC, do you know if its possible to use USB Minner hardware? like TTBIT or Moonlander?

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