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Using 2nd PSU - RTX3080 on 2nd PSU pulls 220W only --> 80ish MHZ hash rate

I’ve connected my 2nd PSU using an Add2Psu ( I’m testing with 2 RTX3080, each with its riser connected to each PSU 1-to-1. I noticed that the GPU connected to my main PSU can pull 240W for OC but the 2nd PSU can only pull ~220W. This means I can at best get approximately ~80ish MHZ.

I’ve also isolated the problem that it’s not the riser as I’ve replaced it with a new one using another brand, same issue.

In another test, I’ve plugged the this 80ish MHZ card+riser to the main PSU and run it on its own (without the first card) and confirm i can OC it to 99,4 MHZ so nothing wrong with the card+riser.

Anyone have any suggestion to workaround or point out what I’m doing wrong?

Switch cards on the psus

Yes, it would behave the same if I put:

  • GPU0 → PSU2, and
  • GPU1 → PSU1
  • vice versa

So there’s something strange that won’t let the GPU connected to PSU2 draw more than 220W (target OC PL@240W, memory@2400). No idea…

Does the PSU have more then one pcie circuit maybe the one it’s on have a bad solder connection

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