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Use wifi or 2nd lan as a redundant connection

How to set the wifi as a redundant connection in case primary LAN fails, besides connected ?

I faced some connectivity issues on the uplink of the switch that my farm connects and was not closed to the mining room, so took me long to be able to fix it.

Had to arrive at mining site, connect to the console of each rig, force LAN down and redo the wifi connection so it could use the AP and get to the internet.

Please let me know how to do it or add a request for enhancement of a redundant connection option using Wifi or other Lan interface.

With this new festure I would be able to set each interface’s DHCP/Static option, use only the GW of the current enabled interface and keep monitoring each X secs/min the current GW and active HiveOn Mirror.

BTW, if the Mirror fails and it keep switching and cannot connect to any mirror, trigger the change to second connection option.

Appreciate any help, thanks!

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