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Usb stick doesnt boot

I am trying to boot hiveos on a usb stick but nothing show up on my screen i try connection it on every gpu on the rig and even bought a dvi cable to plug it on the mother board . I try 2 differrent usb stick and different port on the motherboard .
Its 8 x 580 4gb
Tb250-btc mother board
2 psu 2
2 sticks of ram

does the usb drive boot on the pc you flashed it with?

yes it does
and bios dont show up too

Would try an ssd/hdd instead if your board doesnt want to boot from your usb drive

Try to boot a hdd just now and nothing showed up and i had no access to the bios

Faulty motherboard then i would imagine. Grab a spare board and troubleshoot each part