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URGENT! Nanominer

Please enable Nanominer for RavenCoin (RVN) KAWPOW algo on AMD and NVIDIA cards!!!

Really ? Cool )

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When I create a new flight sheet for RVN, the only options I have for miner is Ethminer, T-Rex Miner, GMiner, and NBMiner. There is no option for Nanominer :cry:

Please update the miners list - thank you very much :slight_smile:

Push show all and select NanoMiner. Miners lists depends from pool settings and managed by pools itselfs.
Which pool doesn’t have a nanominer in list?
BTW NanoMiner currently (latest v1.9.3) not supported Nvidia on kawpow

i’m using 2miners (the SOLO pools) - i’m using nanominer on my AMD rig in windows with 2miners solo pool and it works very well and is very fast. But I want to move to HiveOS - i have many RX470 and Radeon VII rigs that i want to migrate to HiveOS. I want to use Nanominer :slight_smile: