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Urgent for miners

I have a rig of 6x 3060
Last week was mining Rave coin and daily income was around 5+ usd after that it’s only 0.90 usd so I turned the ring off is there is something wrong with my rig or this haooed to all miners
Please if any one can assist or advice

Thank you

That’s normal

Last week, dfficulty was 50k, now it’s 250K
The circle is complete

So what do you suggest to keep the rig on or turn it off for some time

Plug your hashrates and power draw into one of the many profit calc websites and see what makes sense for your cards and power rates.

Unless you have very cheap electricity (5¢), you will find out that not only you are hardly getting any coins, but paid more than these costs (ie it is cheaper to buy than mine!).

Guess having the crypto prices dropping, electricity skyrocketing (is this what people meant by going to the moon? :smiling_imp:) and 900 Th/s of hashrate looking for a home was a trifecta for not mining.