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Upgrading Infrastructure

Anyone else getting this when looking at Hiveon? I didn’t get a payout last night, and while my miners in my farm say they are hashing, I’ve been getting this message for several hours now. I find it strange that I can’t find anyone else posting about this…

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I’m seeing this too, the link to hiveon isn’t showing up in my worker hashrate stats line in hiveos UI, so I tried do access directly hiveon, and see that page. I didn’t received my payout last night also, and no info regarding that from hiveon/hiveos. It’s been about 15h since I could access hiveon last time. It’s been about 10h since I should have received my payout. So it must be offline for less than 15h and more than 10h now.

Some more info would be appreciated indeed!
We all pay allot to use hive. Maybe tell us why this takes so long, or maybe inform us what is updating of that sort. Can you please inform us?

just the stats server, everything on the backend is still working as intended.

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