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Upgrade Path when HiveOS Repos are stored locally with local web server

Hello. I followed the instructions here: in order to have HiveOS repos stored locally for quicker updates. Everything went fine with everything but I have two questions I hope someone with advanced knowledge can help me with.

  1. if I run the traditional “apt update” and “apt upgrade” on shell, it’s going to use the Hive external repos. Which defeats the purpose of having the repos stored locally. When there’s a upgrade from 0.6 207 to 0.6 208 for instance, won’t shell automatically try the HiveOS servers for repo updates instead of using the locally stored repos?

  2. How can I change the cron job to sync the repos every 8hrs instead of every hour which I think is overkill and unnecessary added stress to the system?

Thanks in advance for any help. I know this isn’t an everyday setup, but I already reached out to “support” and they have no idea how any of this works. That chat support is useless.

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