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Upgrade failed, redirected to

my upgrade repo is redirect to which is a hive-like page and provide similar download files to hive. I think it’s a co-operation mining os between Sparkpool and Hive OS, but it said:

E: Failed to fetch Writing more data than expected (47616529 > 47612212)

E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?
Upgrade failed

and i need my lastest ccminer-enemy to run . any support would be appreciated.

the error above is in 0.5-78, it’s because I added the parameter ‘selfupgrade 0.5-78’ after my 0.5.79 upgraded failed, but any version on spark os was different, and cannot pass the validation.

I’m experiencing similar problem, the upgrade repo is redirected to and the release file went missing causing the upgrade to fail.
“Failed to fetch 404 Not Found”

Sometimes this happened, but it was usually solved in one day.

I beleive the repo from is not in sync again.