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Update during payout

I find it fishy that there’s an update during the Hiveon pool payout. From hiveos, I can see that the payout is sent but I can’t see any pending transactions when looking up my wallet on the blockchain. I am unable to confirm the payment through Hiveon since they are performing updates on their pool during payout.

Edit: Still no sign of my withdrawal after 7 hours of waiting.
No transaction on the blockchain = 0 confirmations.
This is unacceptable.
I will never again mine on hiveon pools.
I have switched to ethermine pools on all my rigs.

Edit 2: They have now cancelled the withdrawal. No information on when I will receive it.

Edit 3: I received the withdrawal an hour ago, 30 minutes before midnight.

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What’s fishy? Are you implying you don’t think you’re getting paid?

I am simply saying that it might be better (from a UX perspective) to perform updates outside payout hours since the payouts are scheduled for specific hours. Most organizations would avoid this so it doesn’t make sense to me, that’s fishy.
For the past hour or so, I haven’t been able to see my balance nor confirmation of any payout on the blockchain. Just sayin, it’s weird.

I’m starting to feel like I’m losing whatever difference there is from the scheduled withdrawal until my withdrawal has finally been processed. If that’s like 2 hours, HIVE ends up getting quite a lot of extra hashrate for free. So yeah, it’s fishy to schedule updates during payout hours.

4h Update: Still nothing.

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same here, today is the day of payout after over a month of mining, and I dont have any confirmation, cant check balance on hive etc

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Performing updates makes sense. Not waiting with updates until payments are processed is however irresponsible and/or stupid.

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I’ve been waiting for close to 8 hours right now…. I can’t see anything and I’m mining at 1ghz … wtf is going on with this

On Mining Pools Staats shows that Hiveon pool have API error and not showing any hashrate at all. This is veird. WTF is goin on HIVE? We want ANSWERS

My payout is stuck saying loading, no deposit, and it was well within the 0.11 range yesterday.

When I first clicked, briefly, a hover box said, payouts at 7:16 am instead of 1:33 am as before. I wonder if they are switching out the payout time of day.

My payout is also saying LOADING, and the workers stats are completely gone.

Anyone else with the same problem?

Should we wait for further info from hiveOS team?


Lets hope its just api issue. If I dont get my payout or see stats on pool next morning Im switching to ethermine for good


I am starting to think it’s time to bail. Trouble is, I am sitting at 0.33% ETH, and I am guessing I would lose that. Maybe I am missing something, but why isn’t there an Announcements section to advise miners when this stuff is scheduled?

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Same issue for me. Annoying, because I was around .095 eth, and .85 etc. Would like to see balance.

Some more info would be appreciated indeed!
We all pay allot to use hive. Maybe tell us why this takes so long, or maybe inform us what is updating of that sort

Well, call me crazy but I am shutting my rigs down until this is resolved.

I just talked to a friend nearby and he is with the same issue.

Is there anyone there reading this with no such problems?

It seems to be ok now, but I got 0 reported hashrate for 8 hours :expressionless: hope its just a api bug

I can now see the money back on Hive… but that means they’ve been lying about it being pending all day. It was never sent and they are holding the eth for tomorrow (at least) since they are no longer marked as pending…

I am looking into some different OS now.

I have 9 hours mining at fucking 1ghz and it’s showing me FUCKING ZRRO HASH RATE…. After this payout…. I am out of this pool !

It seems that API Error is occurring at “” in Russia at the same time.
It seems to be back to normal now, but is it something to do with it?

I would like to know if the payment was affected.