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Update 5-57

After each update of 5-57, the speed of the video card was reduced to 10sol/s.
What could be the reason?

What miner do you use?


I noticed it too.
the new bminer shows a smaller hashrate on the rig, but the average on the pool has not changed too much

i’m think we need to compare hashrate bminer 6.0 vs bminer 8.0 on different GPU.
Maybe one of solution it’s adding choose of bminer version in web interface like claymore, ethminier

choose ver miner from web it’s a gr8 idea :slight_smile:

Update from web to 5-57 and decrease speed from 800 to 760-780 on 1080ti. Dissapointed.

bminer never showed actual hashrates in self logs.
Many peoples wrote reports and reviews where compared dstm vs bminer
Up to v6.0 bminer showed more hashrates vs dstm but pool reported speed and shares was equal to dstm. So maybe developer of bminer changes something and what you see now it’s real values