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Unusual Activity on april 1

As a responsible miner, i need to report an incident when trying to log into my pools address dashboard in april 1. i got a message that there was an upgrade in progress, but when that message finally ended later in the day i found out that my reported hashrate was 0 from 3.30 am to 8.10 am !. I just need to know if this is the right place to report this irregularities?, is there any serious concern from this?. the other hashrates where not affected. Just doing the best i can to help keep the network safe from any malicious action that may arise from who knows who or where. Thank you for your support and happy mining!. r.y

the stats server was under maintenance so the reported hashrate isnt registered in stats. all your shares were still counted, as youre paid off shares not reported hashrate. this is how everyones stats look, nothing to worry about.

in the future if youre concerned youre not being credited pay attention to your pending eth balance before/after the issue.

well, i was at a 100% long before 2 am last night and payment did not happen, was this also because of the maintenance procedure?, thanks

Same with me. The payment did not happen.

Hope same one reply to this email and tell us what happen.



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