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Unsure of how to set type of coin to mine when using ccminer

Hi Everyone, First post and pretty new to mining so please take it easy on me.

By the way Dinafem i love using Hive and have it up and running on 2 machines quite well. Others might not appreciate me saying this but i think you should be charging for every rig that people are using. Give them 31 days free use to test their rig thoroughly and then charge them $1 - $1.50 per rig per month and then over 3 rings at $3 as you already do. It is well worth the cost for ease of use. Once the AMD VEGA drivers are working on Hive it will be so easy to use compared to having to build Windows 10 Rigs.

Anyway my problem is that I know how to construct a batch file to run ccminer and if i wanted to mine Shield Coin XSH i would use the following
ccminer -a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u mywalletaddress -p c=XSH

This i can get working no problem at all on a desktop machine but i am getting confused on how to set the coin type when using the wallet templates. Should the password field for ccminer be set to “-p c=XSH” or just “c=XSH” or should i be putting that information in a different field such as extra arguments for miner? I can’t fathom it out properly.

Would there be a way of me just creating and importing my own script line like above without having to use the templates? that would make the process so much easier for the likes of me. Maybe that option is already there and i’m missing it somehow?

many thanks for this product.

Has the answer to this question been found yet? I am curious how to do this as well considering there are pools are there that use same port for many coins…

Hi I would also like to know if it can be done using the web interface. As a work around on the miner the ~/hive/ccminer/pools.conf can be edited with the required info. Not sure if changes are kept after rebooting however though using chmod 444 to make the file read-only will probably work.

Pass: c=VIVO,mc=VIVO