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Unstable Hashrate on 8x RX570

Hello everyone, I recently migrated to this operating system, unfortunately I find myself having some difficulties, my hashrate on 8 rx570 is really unstable, but I can not quantify if it’s just a problem of page refresh, or actually my cards do not work properly, while on Windows the problem did not occur, all 8 cards have the biosmod and are around 29.50 / 30.20 Mhash, except the GPU0 that for some reason, never exceed 17 Mhash , is someone in this situation?

I had the same problem but I was using an Asus expert mining board. I changed the PEG to auto and unplugged my riser and left open my pcie 16 port. I did change everything to gen 2, which helped other cards like the 4th and 9th card. Do you notice a difference after a rig restart?