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Unstable cpu mining

I miner with I5-12600 by XMRIG-NEW
I have a nice result of 5.4 KH but there is a sharp dive every few minutes.
Has anyone had this problem?

What are you mining? Does the miner log show anything odd?

What coin/pool are you mining on? Does the miner log show anything odd when there are dips?

nicehase pool

How can I watch the LOGS?

That’s normal on nicehash. You can remote in locally via shellinabox or remotely with hive remote shell, then type miner in the shell and it will show the miner console. With nicehash youll see “no active pools” occasionally

Is it actually more profitable to mine without NiceHash?

typically yeah.

Is this true for all types of coins?

typically yes. whatever the hashrate is being rented for is likely paying more than what they are paying for the hasrate rental. varies all the time


I also receive this message “no active pools, stop mining” when using xmrig+hiveos+nicehash. is there anyway to avoid this? it resets my miner uptime in hiveos and is concerning. i’ll send a few sats to anyone who can correct this issue for me. thanks!

Is it really normal? seems like an error as it causes the miner uptime clock to reset on hiveos.

That’s normal for nicehash on randomxmonero. Probably something to do with them switching between jobs/pools whenever someone rents your hash power.