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Unshowed uuid and pcie Link speed : n/a pcie link width : n/a miner stopped

Hey guys my miner is keep stopping.I try gminer and team red miner .Team red miner keep give gpu dead error on my last card.So I check my cards info an i saw the last card as you can see below.First think I suspect bad riser so I change it 3 times with new risers,change connected ports on motherboard.Its still same.So i decide do plug it a riser i know its already working and values came but this time another card be the last one(gpu4) and same infos didnt come so i just take of 5. card and start rig with 4 cards again and after that gpu 3 is become last card and same infos didnt showed up.Its latest version of hiveos .4g enabled gen 2 setted.So I start to think maybe last card infos didnt show like that and check another rig cards infos and I saw all infos showed for all cards on that rig.Any idea?

Também estou com mesmo problema. Toda hora dar GPU morta e sempre a que esta com essa PCIE link speed: n/a já troquei mais 6 riser porta e tudo aumentei o Core Voltage, nada e erro acontece com a RX5700 da powercolor. Se alguém como resolver nos ajuda

I’m also having the same problem. All the time give dead GPU and always the one with this PCIE link speed: n / a I already changed 6 more port risers and everything increased the Core Voltage, nothing and error happens with an RX5700 from powercolor. If someone how to solve it, help us

well for my situation I try test one by one cards and I saw one of them make this situation.When I plug it, always last card didnt show theese values even plug it on the first slot x16 its show that card info but didnt show the last card info .So I remove it from the system and its works.But also I try that card on another board with directly main pcie x16 with windows os its works fine.Its doesnt work on main pcie x16 with hiveos.So i still dont have any idea.Maybe s010 riser can solve this if you have this one you can try .Also I check few rigs and I saw working fine rigs while all cards show " pcie Link speed : n/a pcie link width : n/a".So i think its doesnt matter show or not ,its looks doesnt effect anything .there could be another problem but as i said i didnt know what is exactly I just remove one card on my rig making this problem and plug more diffrent cards

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