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Unrecoverable memory error by GPU, lolminer when mining ETH

I am getting this error when and I can’t seem to solve it, I have all the same rtx 3060s and for some reason one crashes all the time with the same overclock settings as the others.

`Unrecoverable memory error by GPU 2.

Reset of all Cuda GPUs required.
Please check your (memory) OC & UV settings on this card.
Device 0 detected as crashed.
Closing miner and trying to call external script: ./ (–watchdog script) `

Any suggestions, I could not find a reliable solution.

For one of these cards such OC setting looks like still too high. You can look into the log file to locate which card are problematic.

How do I check the log file?

Click on the error message, another window will open displaying the processes resulting in the error.

Having the same issue. My 3060 ti lhrs on different rigs keep crashing to 20mh/s even after downgrading to the nvidia 510.60.2 version on hiveos

Has anyone managed to resolve this error? I have 2 3060ti that started giving this error this week…