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Unrecoverable memory error 3060ti

Hi guys, I gave a problem with gygabyte auris 3060ti . All work perfect for 6 months, but now I have Unrecoverable memory error . I tried to use another miners Ioiminer, Nbminer, Trex miner always is the same. The card mining stable for 30 min to 4 hours and reduce hashrate from 51 Mh to 17 mh. I do not use overclock 0 0 126 W . When card is to 100 w and 30 Mhh again crash. Please for some help

Don’t run 30 series cards at stock clocks for mining, just wastes power and is harder on the card. Are you saying you’ve been mining for 6 months at default clocks?

Always leave the core clock, and lower the memory clock until stable, if this doesn’t ever achieve stability, you can try swapping risers/cables/psus etc to rule out any variables.

6 months was with clock 1380 2600 165w and was stable. I tried to swapping risers/cables even another motherboard, but with no success. Now always crash.

Leave the core clock while testing, but if it continues crashing at 0 memory and you ruled everything else out, I would rma the card

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lower the memclock
i have same with 3060

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