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Unrealistic consumption rx5700....real 2760w ...unreal 1576w

hiveos shows consumption of 1576W and apc clearly shows load 11.83amper x 230v = 2760w !!!

Can you help me?

Sure … Because dashboard shown only GPU core consumption for AMD cards.
But GPU card itself very complicated device with numerous components that each consume power


is this a good parameter to determine GPU power consumption?

not real power 1540watt
real power 12,3a x 230v = 2829watt

Right… your Hive Dashboard doesn’t take things like your motherboard/CPU/RAM and Risers on each card into consideration, and those all consume power.

When I’m running a rig in hive that shows 843W in Hive, it’s actually about 1,570W at the wall according to my monitoring outlet.

You can add consumption of other rig’s hardware + % power efficiency of PSU
and you’ll get consumption from the wall

i uset platinium power supply hp dsp800gb.
MB + CPU 60-80w
videos on youtube show consumption on rx around 110w.
I sent a photo of the load to APC.