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Unpayed balance when changing wallet? And being hacked?!

So, I recently noticed a few days ago that my rig was unresponsive via Shell. I just could not connect to it! But my monitor showed me that the miner was actually mining, finding shares and worked fine.

I tried for a couple of hours rebooting and searching for errors without success, until I noticed. The rig was pointing towards a totally unknown wallet and IP! How the freck?!

Anyone have experienced this and know the reason? I guess this main computer may be compromised somehow, but it’s also protected by both router and AVG to attacks? Or did they actually managed to get into the rig running HiveOS and change everything from there?

As a precaution I reformatted the SSD running HiveOS along with changing the wallet ofc, this time I moved the adress. But, I had only mined about 0.03-0.035 ETH so I didn’t reach the threshold for automatic payouts. But when is this actually payed out to the old wallet adress when sitting idle? A week? A month?

2 concerns and hopefully you guys know the answers!

Thanks and keep on mining!

For the payout - there has to be 7 days of inactivity and then the payout will happen on 28th day of that month.

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