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Unpaid balance after change pool

can i get my unpaid balance after i change pool? i have 0.0110 on hivepool and almost 30days inactive due to change pool to binance pool…

I guess you write about Hiveon pool so then please read Hiveon payouts FAQ section.
If you stopped mining this month before 21.07 AND you have unpaid balance > 0.01 ETH than you will got your earnings today after all regular everyday payouts (> 0.1 ETH) for other miners will be made.

  • I have changed mining pool before 21 of month and i have 0.035 eth, did not get paid,
  • Also i can not find this information in FAQ anymore !!!
    Please, can someone inform me ?

They canceled the possibility to get balances when inactive. Now the only way to get paid is to reach 0,1 ETH