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Unknown Memory

Hello Guys,

After I upgrade my HiveOS to 0.5-73 then under the AMD GPUs name for memory type it is showed “Unknown Memory”.
Does anybody know what is its problem after upgrading?

AFAIK, this sows up now and then but has nothing to do with upgrades… I’ve seen it come and go with rig reboots… Just sometimes linux can’t read all of the data from the card… Maybe overclocking settings are borderline so they work most of the time, but sometimes this happens…

I’ve had the same problem after updating. Mining worked well. Don’t know why it came, I used another usb-Stick with a fresh image and it’s gone.

Thanks for your reply,

Before I had upgraded, it was shown everytime that I booted the system. But after upgrade, I have never seen my cards memory type. I’m sure it caused by new upgrade of Hive OS.

Is there any technical support to report this issue to htem?

Did re-imaging your rigs solve this problem for you @ahzari? Because ive got about 5 RX580s that started this after a recent update as well, and I cant seem to get them back to normal.