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Unknown error! help!

I went on a trip this weekend and friday same day as i went crashed my rigg. so now since i come home i try to fix it, but it seems no mater what i do, it will not start mining, like its som unknown error? all the cards is coming on screen but not in the top like MHS and temp like all the cards not connected to pool, not even if i switch pool ether :frowning: what to do and where to start the error searching

Have you tried to click on the mining pick in the menu bar and “restart miner”?

Have you gone into one of the shell options to start the miner?

  • “miner start”

Yes Sir! restart does not help i tried other FS also and rebooting many times but always the same… its very wierd

Post a picture of the errors from the shell & miner interface. We’ll go from there :slight_smile:

funny thing is is keeps driving then is sudden die one gpu i eliminate it by taking away, and then it just takes another next time i rebooting??

From the screen you posted, enter miner for the miner interface.

If the miner is not running at all, enter miner start.

The post about “driving” “die” “eliminate”…does not provide meaningful data points. Pictures would help.