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Understanding overclock templates and settings

I am a newbie to Crypt mining. I had a mining rig setup for me because I was unfamiliar with the process. Now that it is created and I want to manage and grow it, I would like to know how to get more out of the cards that I have. I have a rig with Nvidia Nvidia 2080 TI, 8GB. I dont understand what the settings mean and how far I can increase or decrease these and still keep the RIG stable.

For example:
Core clock offset - What is this, how far can I go, do negative numbers increase or decrease the core speed
Memory Clock - Currently set to 2100. Is this high/low? How far can or should I set this?
Power limit - Does increasing this increase the performance, why is this here?

I am only getting on average about 43MH and I think I should be getting closer to 60MH.

Thanks for any help folks can provideā€¦

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