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Underperforming RX 6800 ASRock Phantom Gaming (Samsung memory)

Hi fellow miners, i’m currently having a problem with 1 rig of RX6800
1 card is underperforming -5mh/s compared to the others
Overclock settings:
Fan 60 Core 1200 VDD 850 VDDCI 850 MEM 1052

Currently running NBMiner, i noticed this:
CClk value appears to be lower in that card,(1200 vs 1300 on the others ones) can that be the reason is underperforming?

I have the same OC in all my 6800’s. my 2nd rig have 2 of them running stable 60.5mh/s

I’ve tried other miners aswell, same scenario on all of them.

Any help would be deeply appreciated

I have 2 of these on my rig and they cannot seem to go over 57-58mh in Hiveos. In Windows they are easy to go around 62, both with nbminer. What settings do you use for the 2nd rig and they get to 60.5?

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