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Unable to Update Nvidia Drivers


I have Zotac 3060ti LHR which is restricted to 33Mh/s and one more card Colorfull 3060ti which is giving 46MH/s. Tried all OC but didnt work. Also unable to update to latest Nvidia driver as stucks on Unistalling previous version. Anybody Help

It can take a long time depending on your drives speed. If it’s not working you can always reflash the latest hive image and then try again.

Best to use an ssd if you’re not already.

I tried the latest drivers for my 3060ti as well and found the best results when I rolled back to 470.94. It runs closer to 46 constantly. I wonder if there is a newer firmware that lowers the hash rate even more. Thats a bummer if that is what happened to your new card. I got a gigbyte last week and it runs 46 just fine.

Thank, it worked for me… I have flashed beta version hive os to ssd and update nvidia to latest. After that I get 45MH/s.

Thanks again

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