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Unable to start t-rex miner due to bad jq

I’m having issue setting up t-rex miner flight sheet due to bad jq json arguments.
I’ve tried the default template.

Not only that ,
I’ve tried to leave the extra config arguments blank
Hardcode with the value instead ( stratup+tcp:// , wallet.worker , wallet without worker , password = x )

None of the above works either.
I even tried the guide from here and it doesn’t work.

Any idea on how to use T-rex miner on HiveOS?

The easy way is to delete your flight sheet and make a new one… I use T-rex for Nvidia cards ,never have a problem…

I tried too and it didn’t worked

I think u may use a switch into miner for LHR card …somethink like ( “lhr”:“68” in extra arguments on hiveos) to unlock the card…

My cards are mostly non-lhr , so I thought of using trex miner for nvidia cards

Yes Trex is the one for Non LHR cards… but nbminer and lol is the best for LHR…

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