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Unable to mine raven coin with 570 cards

Unable to mine raven coin with 570 cards.My 580 are mining raven coin,but the 570 don’t.Does anyone have any advice?

no problem even with RX 560

What problem do you have? Maybe wrong OC ?

Currently i am trying core 1200,memory 2000 but it won’t start…i doesn’t give any error it just won’t start.
my 580 sapphire rig is working on 1100 core 1900 memory’s tried that also and no luck.Have some advice what oc to try?

When i put it to ETC it starts mining at once’s there is no issue with the rig itself or the cards

  1. KawPow it’s more core-depended algorithm so no need set up mem clock to high (as for ethash)
  2. You need setup proper core voltage - see p.1 as kawpow it’s a core-depended algorithm and too low core voltage will be caused GPU hangs

Like this?

Definitely no

can you tell me with what exact oc setting to try please?

First at all need to know that KawPow more power hungry algo
if you want to get 13MH from your 570/580 GPU it will cost +300-350W vs on ethash on 8 GPUs rig
Additional it’s mean if you have SATA risers, weak PSU, weak power cables something can die/will lead to mulfunction.

If you read my above warnings here are basic settings (you can set core lower and save power with losing hashrate)
Core - 1167, Core voltage - 862 mV
Mem Clock -100/-150 vs your ethash settings
Aggressive mode ON
Miner - TeamRedMiner
With this settings, you will get 13+ MH/s per GPU


it works now,looks like the miner was also the issue, thanks :slight_smile:

Tnx for the tips bro, I have one problem, apparently turning on the aggressive undervolting will make the miner crash and it keeps restarting after a couple of minutes. turning it off solved the problem, any suggestions?
I am runnig 5x570s plus 3x580s at about the same setting you have mentioned and the power usage according to HiveOS is about 950 vs 770 when the aggressive undervolting is on, which is huge.


I also have an AMD Radeon RX570 4GB graphics card made by Asus. I used this graphics card to mining Ravencoin cryptocurrency. Could these settings be helpful for Ravenco mining? I am currently getting 9.50MH / S and using the teamredminer mining program.

Could you also tell me where to get the aggressive space enable? I have the latest AMD driver that was released on 17th June 2021.


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